Monday, August 13, 2007

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis 1985

Very few tenor sax players could match sax legend Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis (1922 - 1986) when he locked that jaw. A disciple of the Coleman Hawkins hot school of saxophone playing, he never failed to deliver the goods when called for.

Regrettably, as is the case with many jazz figures, he has never gained the recognition he so righteously deserved.

Here's a chance to see him performing in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1985 just one year before his untimely death. Alongside him are drums giant Ed Thigpen, a long standing Oscar Peterson collaborator, a Copenhagen resident since the early 70s, and locals Niels Jorgen Steen on piano and Jesper Lundgaard on bass.

The setting is very relaxed, no doubt aided by Davis' larger than life stage persona, and the music flows like water. A great jazz moment.

Take The "A" Train

Just Friends

Out Of Nowhere

The Shadow Of Your Smile

If I Had You

Light And Lovely

'S Wonderful

Those silk Shiny Stockings


I Can't Get Started

Don't Get Around Much Anymore


a_lexia said...

's wonderful, 's marvellous
you should care for me(eee)
's awful nice, 's paradise,
's what I love to see.

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