Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Johnny Griffin - Arthur Taylor Quartet , Paris 1971

Tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin (b. 1928), affectionately called "the little giant" due to his diminutive stature by his fellow musicians, will certainly go down in history for his dazzlingly energetic solos, played lightning-fast with near perfect technique - one of hard-bop movement's shining stars.

He started his career with Lionel Hampton's big band in 1945 and by the time this French video was filmed in 1971 Griffin had been an expatriate living in France since 1963, same year as the great hard-bop drummer Arthur "Art" Taylor (1929-1995), one of the genre's foremost practitioners, who accompanies him here in Charlie Parker's famous blues "Now's The Time" along with two French musicians, Rene Urtreger on piano and Alby Cullaz on bass.

Charlie Parker's famous calypso - tinged "My Little Swede Shoes"

Thelonious Monk's famous blues "Blue Monk"

"Blues For Harvey" a blazing duet and a display of extreme musicianship by both these masters.

*all videos from my personal collection posted on youtube and elsewhere on the web.


athanasia said...

Ωραία όλα, αλλά (για μένα) το Blue Monk είναι Blue Monk...

delta_mike said...

ανήκεις στον σύλλογο φίλων του thelonious?

akamas said...

Χάρηκα πολύ που βρήκα αυτό εδώ το blog, τι όργανο παίζεις; Ελπίζω να τα πούμε σε κάποια συναυλία.