Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dave Pike - Manhattan Latin (1964)

A great Latin - tinged album as the title suggests from 1964, with loungey artwork to die for to boot, featuring the combined talents of Messrs Dave Pike on vibes, the great Hungarian Attila Zoller on guitar, Joseph Grimaldi on flute, Hubert Laws on piccolo and tenor saxophones, Dave Burns on trumpet, Ray Copeland on flugelhorn, a young Chick Corea and Don Friedman sharing piano duties, Israel "Cachao" Lopez and Jack Six on bass and last but not least legend Willie Bobo on drums.


bluenote124 said...

Wow,Manhattan Latin, always wanted to here this, quality 60's latin/mambo.Seen Lp originals many times in specialist shops and auctions for big money. Thanks for this

delta_mike said...

oh yeah, manhattan latin is a rare bird indeed on vinyl and always fetches top $$$

Hanimex 3000 said...

no mistake on this one. Solid

Anonymous said...

thank you regards this

GreenYogi said...

Aloha D3lta...
I am mixed part wish to say
-Thank U for posting and sharing...!
while the other wish to tell U:
-F@&K U for making it so hard...
See, found the link on a rapidshare it down but couldn't extract...couldn't find the link on Ur "Dave Pike - Manhattan Latin (1964)" post and even less a password.
Searched through a bunch of posts without locating any links and read comments of people asking for links or pass without answers from blogger D3lta...!!
Got annoyed and pretty discouraged when I happened to go to the thread on Dave Pike...LO and Behold! There I FINALLY located download links!...although the kinda hidden ones...but they were there, by Jove!
I immediately notice that the same password was given to all Dave Pike's I had to infer that this would be working for my Manhattan Latin too...and as U already DID! Hallelujah!
So, the harder the battle...the greater the victory...Hmmm.?
Well...I find it rather idiotic to password archives to start with...what is it U try to protect D3lta Dude? Not people's energy and patience...ha,ha,ha...claro que no!
Then, if links are 'dandy' my friend, why don't U post them along with the album cover and all relevant info? Why do I get Ur links on Filetube search but can't see it on Ur blog? Makes no sense...hey, maybe U lost them links inna flat move some day?
I didn't think about that...of course, and U don't dare telling everyone 'bout it...feelin' guilty perhaps?
Let me tell U Dude, it's all right!
It happens, don't worry at's no big deal, Bro! Take it easy... is the link for Manhattan Latin... recovered!
And for all music hungry bloggers like myself...: get the password in the main Dave Pike pass for all albums...easy no??!!