Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hampton Hawes Quartet (with Jim Hall) - All Night Session (1956)

The amazing piano work of Hampton Hawes plus Jim Hall’’s guitar magic in an extended and uninterrupted late-night session! This 3 CD collection compiles the complete “All Night Session” which originally appeared on 3 LPs.

Recorded in just one night -from the late hours of November 12 to the early hours of November 13, 1956- this session is more like a live date than a trip to the studios, with no repeated numbers and, consequently, no alternate takes.

While Hawes was most often heard in a trio format, this release showcases the pianist in a quartet. A follower of Charlie Parker in both his music and lifestyle, Hawes waxed this recording nearly two years before being imprisoned for drug possession. Although he was supposed to serve a five-year jail term, his sentence was revoked by President John F. Kennedy. Hawes resumed his career after his release, playing and recording until suffering a fatal stroke in Los Angeles, on May 22, 1977.

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roberto t. said...

I just found your blog, it is very interesting. And I know for sure that one who loves Hampton Hawes must be a good man. Thank you.

delta_mike said...

i can't of course say whether i'm a good man or not, that's for others to say, what i can say though is that Hampton Hawes was a hell of a human being, thank you for your kind comment.

neil said...

Just bought this myself, and I can vouch for the content. Hawes swings!

Daver88 said...

Thanks for this one - Hawes & Hall are great musicians. I've not heard this session before.

Anonymous said...

An old good jazz piano player a few days ago told me "listen to H Hawes". I didn't know anything about him ... what a ignorance! I took a look around and I found your blog ... HH was great indeed. The next days I will listen to him. Thanks - You are doing a great job. Ale55