Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Joe Zawinul - Faces & Places (2002)

Joe Zawinul, at the age of 70, has brought forth an album that continues to celebrate his endless delight in exploring music from around the world.

Faces & Places mixes vocalists and instrumentalists with daring grace. “Rooftops of Vienna” is a wistful ode that’s tinged with the sweetly sad backward glances of a man growing older and finding his boyhood home darting through his dreams. It uses singers as part of the musical stew, rather than as a narrative component. With its blend of exotic acoustic instruments and contemporary electronics, this set is very much in keeping with the direction of Weather Report from the time of Black Market and beyond.

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athanasia said...

Ο κύριος αυτός (κρίμα, μακαρίτης πλέον) μου είναι πολύ συμπαθής...

Πάντα το βιντεάκι η μόνη ελπίς μου... :)