Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hampton Hawes - Live at the Montmartre (1971)

We continue our Hawes crusade with another great live performance, this time at the famous “Jazzhus Montmartre” in Copenhagen on September 2, 1971.

Blowing is more open and relaxed this time, maybe Hawes was tackling the style du jour or he was just in a more somber mood, at any rate the playing is superb throughout - he even enters pop territory exploring Burt Bacharach's "This Guy's in Love with You" in his own, unique way. And lest I forget, we have the added bonus of Dexter Gordon joining in for some serious chops exchange on the aptly named blues Dexter's Deck , enjoy.


Hampton Hawes: piano
Henry Franklin: bass
Michael Carvin: drums
Dexter Gordon: tenor sax on Dexter’s Deck

Track Listing:

The Camel
Little Miss Laurie
Broad Blue Acres
This Guy’s In Love With You
Spanish Way
Dexter’s Deck


alfredlion said...

Thanks alot for these Hampton Hawes selections. By far one of my all time favorites. I have some of these on vinyl, but others I don't. I always love to hear Hamp that's new to me.

Many Thanks


Thanks a lot for this gem!

zoot said...

Wonderful material, lots I haven't heard before. Thanks.

sasha said...

Wonder what Burt B. made of this version of his classic?!? I can just see Hampton saying to his team: 'O.k guys play it straight and then let's blues-it-up!'..Absolutely love this rendition..There's some more from this club date worth searching for..Think its called 'A little more night music'.

sasha said...
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d3lta said...

I agree, Hampton's reworking on this one is absolutely stunning. Do you happen to have any info on "Night Music" (label, release date etc?)

Neroon001 said...

This is new to me as I read the other comments I figure I am in for a treat.Thank you very much for sharing these albums