Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Velvet Touch Of Lennie Breau - Live! (1969)

A great performance recorded live at historic jazz venue Shelly's Manne Hole in LA for RCA records. In it we can hear the complexity of Lenny Breau's guitar approach in material so diverse as jazz and pop standards (No Greater Love, A Taste of Honey), jazz waltzes (Bluesette), Indian ragas (Indian Reflections for Ravi), Spanish flamenco (Spanjazz), straight-ahead bluegrass (The Claw), funky jazz (Mercy, Mercy) and then some. He is ably accompanied by Reg Kelln on drums and Ron Halldorson on electric bass.

Listeners are kindly requested to excuse the clicks and pops as this was ripped from the original vinyl, but then again that being 1969 the above might seem essential in order to convey that all-important period feel, enjoy.


Neroon001 said...

The title says it all about his playing.I really like the way that you put video clips up there with the posts,a really cool touch.Thanks again for another great share

d3lta said...