Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jimmy Raney - Solo (1975 - 76)

As the title suggests, this album is Jimmy Raney all by himself, the genuine article if you will, as Raney chose to accompany himself using overdubbing like Bill Evans did on his famous "Conversations with Myself" string of recordings. Raney said in an interview that he doesn't think of the guitar in guitar terms, but rather as a means of making music. Nowhere is this more evident than on this album where he lays his artistry bare to the listener and everything falls into place magnificently. My favorite Raney recording.

1. The Fugue
2. New Signal
3. How Deep is the Ocean
4. The Way You Look Tonight
5. Wait Till You See Her
6. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
7. Blues Variations
8. Suzanne
9. The End of a Love Affair

Jimmy Raney - guitar

#1-7 NYC 12/20/1976
#8-9 NYC 09/02/1975


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this, and for your wonderful blog.

Bill Evans' "Alone" record was not an overdubbed project.

The projects that were overdubs were called "Conversations With Myself." I believe there were two albums of this material.

d3lta said...

You're right of course. The two Evans albums in question were "Conversations with Myself" and "Further Conversations with Myself". Post corrected, thanks.

Melanchthon said...

Thanks, a very rare and precious record.

d3lta said...

And thank you, Melanchthon, for your magnificent blog, maybe the best jazz blog on the web.

lcbriza said...

Thanks for another master of jazz guitar, and for your wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

awesome raney posts! thnx

Porco Rosso said...

Love Jimmy Raney, thanks a lot! Would love to hear some of Doug's albums! Any chance?

d3lta said...

Doug's a rare bird to find especially on CD, I've got some Doug on vinyl, I wouldn't hold my breath though as to when these will be digitized ;-)

rowgatien said...

Thank you d3lta for this Raney. Regards

Danny Lee said...


can you please invite me to your blog..? I really appreciated all the music you posted and my love for jazz was fostered through your blog.. :(