Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jozn Zorn

The Big Gundown - John Zorn plays the music of Ennio Morricone (2000)

One genius paying tribute to another in this 15th anniversary deluxe edition of John Zorn's 1985 reworking of Ennio Morricone's cinematic masterpieces we all learned to love bearing the seal of approval from the maestro himself, with 6 new tracks thrown in for good measure. This is contemporary kick-ass jazz of the highest order - not to be missed.


Marc Ribot - guitar
Mike Patton - spoken vocals
Joey Baron - drums
John Zorn - spoken vocals, alto saxophone, piano, harpsichord, saw
Mark Feldman - violin
Erik Friedlander - cello
Mark Miller - drums, tympani
John Patton - organ
Wayne Horvitz - piano, organ, celeste
Bobby Previte - vocals, tympani, percussion
Tim Berne - alto saxophone
Anthony Coleman - vocals, piano, harpsichord, organ
Melvin Gibbs - bass
Jim Staley - trombone, bass trombone
Luli Shioi
Orvin Aquart - harmonica
Richard Quine
Vicki Bodner - oboe, English horn

Also: Toots Thielemans, Bill Frisell, Vernon Reid, Fred Frith, Arto Lindsay, Anton Fier, Diamanda Galas, Jody Harris

track listing:

1. Big Gundown, The
2. Peur Sur la Ville
3. Poverty - (Once Apon A Time In America)
4. Milano ODea
5. Erotico - (The Burglars)
6. Battle of Algiers
7. Giu la Testa - (Duck, You Sucker!)
8. Metamorfosi - (La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso)
9. Tre Nel 5000
10. Once Upon a Time in the West
11. Sicilian Clan, The - (bonus track)
12. Macchie Solari - (bonus track)
13. Ballad of Hank McCain, The - (bonus track)
14. Svegliatti E Uccidi - (bonus track)
15. Chi Mai - (bonus track)
16. Ballad of Hank McCain, The - (bonus track)




roberto t. said...

Quite some time I didn't come this way. Glad to find this site in great shape. Lossless for Moricone is great, thank you!

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