Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Mar-Keys - The Great Memphis Sound (1966)

The Mar-Keys, formed in 1958, were a studio session band for the Stax label from Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1960s. As the first house band for the label, their backing music formed the foundation for the early 1960s Stax sound. The Mar-Keys was a play on the word "marquee" referring to the marquee outside of Stax studios (at the time called Satellite Records). They also recorded organ and saxophone oriented singles of their own, scoring a number three hit nationally with "Last Night" in 1961. Keyboard was played by Jerry Lee "Smoochy" Smith. Other singles of theirs from the early 1960s include "Philly Dog" and "Pop-eye Stroll." Members of this rhythm section later formed other nationally prominent Memphis studio session groups, including the Memphis Horns, the Packers, and Booker T. & the M.G.'s. Each of these offshoot groups also recorded popular instrumental albums of their own, in addition to serving as the backing band on albums by dozens of rock, r&b, and soul music stars on Stax, Volt and other national labels. The legacy of the Mar-Keys and later groups was that of having been key players in the development of soul music styles like Southern soul and Memphis soul. This 1966 out-of-print date is fun, feelgood music, perfect for those spring Sunday nights, enjoy.


* Steve Cropper - guitar
* Donald "Duck" Dunn - bass
* Charles "Packy" Axton - tenor sax
* Don Nix - saxophone
* James Terry Johnson - piano
* Wayne Jackson - trombone, trumpet
* Jerry Lee "Smoochie" Smith - keyboards
* Booker T. Jones - keyboards
* Isaac Hayes - organ
* James Terry Johnson - drums
* Al Jackson - drums


* The Last Night!, 1961
* Do the Pop-Eye, 1962
* The Great Memphis Sound, 1966
* Back to Back, 1967
* Mellow Jelly, 1968
* Damnifiknow!, 1969
* Memphis Horns, 1970
* Memphis Experience, 1971
* High on Music, 1976

track listing

Honey Pot
Plantation Inn
Loving You Too Long
Cleo's Back
Grab This Thing
Philly Dog
Walking With The Duke
The Girl From Ipanema
In The Mood
"Dear James" Medley (Night Train, Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, I Got You, Good Loving, I'll Go Crazy)

rec. 1966


Bill said...

Great album! Thanks for making it available


Good evening.Lovely sixties sound recorded the way it should.This music is no bull companion.The instruments are heard clearly,no one exaggerates,the tempos are exact and most of all ...together.God bless you for this lovely album full of memories.PAPPA`S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG is not heard or played very often.I`d love to hear it on BULBS.
many thanks

d3lta said...

Hi Chris, you're right this music sounds fantastic on tubes. I thought you used tubed audio, am I mistaken?


No i don`t have tubes.Afriend of mine does and i love their sound.

jb said...

Fabulous. Thanks.

George said...

Great music.

But I notice that these tracks are all mono.

I'm not sure why Stax would make that choice in 1966, but they did.

Stereo LP production in the US began almost a decade earlier in 1958.

Radio, 45 rpm singles, and most jukeboxes were still mono in 1966. I'm guessing that was the reason they produced this album in mono.

Neroon001 said...

wow I had no idea that all these guys played in 1 band before starting the other well known bands.After several weeks of listening to some classic and " seriously complex" jazz this will be a nice break and something that my wife can enjoy as well.thank you very much I am sure this will be played on a regular basis.

Pippo said...

It was long time that I was looking for this album.
Thank you d3lta.