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Sonny Sharrock & Nicky Skopelitis - Faith Moves (1990)

Outstanding duo session featuring two very adventurous guitarists. Skopelitis generally plays a supporting role on various guitars and guitar-like instruments while Sharrock soars. Sharrock had already made a great solo album ("Guitar", 1986) and this one is on the same high level. CMP (Creative Music Production) was started by Kurt Renker in 1977 and specialized a traditional and modern Avant-Garde Jazz, Experimental Rock and World Music. Almost all of CMP Records albums have an identifiable CMP Records sound, much like ECM, courtesy of recording engineer Walter Quintus. His production work gave CMP recordings uniquely spacious and detailed sound. After CMP records became defunct the label name and catalog was acquired by Silva Screen Records and almost the entire CMP catalog has been resurrected.


1 Who Are You 5:27
2 Becoming 2:34
3 Mescalito 3:28
4 Venus 5:48 (Pharoah Sanders)
5 In The Flesh 3:05
6 Sacrifice 4:43
7 First Of Equals 5:11
8 The Pyre 6:06
9 Uncle Herbie's Dance 2:55


Sonny Sharrock - electric guitar

Nicky Skopelitis - electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Baglama, Baglama [Saz], Sitar [Coral], Bass, Tar (lute)

Produced by Bill Laswell , Nicky Skopelitis

tracks 1 to 3, 5 to 8 composed by Nicky Skopelitis, tracks 1 to 3 & 6 to 9 by Sonny Sharrock


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