Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dudley Moore Trio 1969

There are many, many people who are totally ignorant of the fact that the late Dudley Moore, who as well as being a great actor, was also an extremely talented jazz composer and pianist. Dudley's approach to music, especially jazz was seriously important to him. He liked his music to have a swinging and happy feel. He was strongly influenced by the playing of Erroll Garner and Oscar Peterson, who he idolized, and this album, at times is similar to the conceptual styles of these great artists. Dudley Moore's compositions have a lovely romantic and beautiful feel to them. This 1969 self-titled album consists of all-Dudley Moore compositions and was the first album by the Trio that did not feature any cover versions. It is a lovely album and deserves to be heard by a bigger audience. There was an outstanding album "Jazz Jubilee" released in 2004 which featured concerts by The Dudley Moore Trio recorded in Australia and England during the seventies. The revenue from this record's sale was, at the time, going to charities supported by Dudley Moore. I don't know if the album is still available, but if you see it, check that the charity rules still apply, and if so, think about buying the album.


1 Fanfare
2 120 Plus Optional Magic Exploding Cadence
3 Chimes
4 Love Song from an Imaginary Musical
5 Bags of Chris
6 Pop and Circumstance
7 Romantic Notion
8 Folk Song
9 Amalgam
10 Nursery Tune
11 Hymn

All compositions by Dudley Moore


Dudley Moore - Piano, born on 19 April, 1935, Dagenham, England. Died on 27 March, 2002. A hugely talented comedian, actor, composer and jazz pianist.

Jeff Clyne - Bass, born 29 January 1937, in London is a British jazz bassist (playing both bass guitar and double bass). Some of the great artists he has played with include Isotope, Nucleus, Julie Driscoll, Kevin Ayers, Georgie Fame, John McLaughlin, and Zoot Sims.

Chris Karan - Drums, born October 14, 1939, is a jazz percussionist, primarily a drummer, of Greek descent from Melbourne. He played in Mike Nock's trio. He also worked with Roy Budd and Katie Melua, along with putting out CDs of his own. Other than drums he has an interest in various percussion styles of the world and plays the tabla on some albums.


d3lta said...

DECCA LK 4976 LP rip @320. Not my rip, thanks to the original ripper+uploader

Bill said...

Great post! Thanks for the share!

censusloss said...

Man was I shocked to see that someone out there rates DM. I have this one and there are so many joyous moments on it -I hope you have inspired loads of people to hear it -I have't read your write up yet, but believe this was Dudley's 1st full length all originals LP
I am hoping you have 1 or 2 more to share with us

Yours in Jazz and thank you

Graham C

Brad Geiger said...

Thanks. Moore was talented in so many arenas. His "Beyond The Fringe" albums with Peter Cook and Alan Bennett are hilarious too.

comrade said...

Wow. That was great. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed the Trio. I absolutely had no idea about Dudley Moore's jazz connection!

Anonymous said...

To be honest I wasnt expecting to hear what I heard!!! Amazing. Great discovery, fluid, playful and fresh.



Reiss Latimer said...

Thank you for turning me onto this group! The video you posted was incredibly chill, exactly the type of Jazz I like to listen to. Also perfect to sample and recreate.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Great post. I did not know DUDLEY mOORE WAS SUCH A GREAT PIANO PLAYER.SO FRSH, ARTICULATE, GREAT TOUCH AND SENSIBILITY....A real discovery for me.thanks!!!!!!!!!!!