Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dave Pike - Peligroso (2000)

Dave Pike is a vibraphone legend among legends. He is highly regarded as one of the masters of the instrument and is spoken in the same breath as Milt Jackson, Lionel Hampton and Bobby Hutcherson. He emerged in the late 50’s and quickly established himself as an original voice on the vibes recording several classic albums with the likes of Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Paul Bley, Tommy Flanagan, Herbie Hancock, Clark Terry and others.

Pike is well respected as a jazz musician that has tackled and mastered many sub-genres of jazz, including straight-ahead (see the acclaimed Pike’s Peak LP), indo-jazz (see the massive club hit “Mathar"), soul-jazz (see the cult LP Got the Feelin’), and Latin jazz (see the monstrous, highly sought after and legendary Decca album Manhattan Latin LP). Dave Pike is a man that has never known boundaries. He is indeed a national treasure that will continue to be praised for generations to come.

For Peligroso, his second release for Ubiquity, he has teamed up with another legend in Latin jazz, Bobby Matos to create an album that will pleasantly surprise both fans of Pike and Latin jazz. It is a hard-hitting romp that will initiate immediate customer response from in-store plays and displays. Feel the vibes move you to higher levels!

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mao tse tung said...

exo trelli arrostia me ubiquity kai luv'n'haight. den xero an eides to black renassaince - an oxi katevaso to, einai tromero. o pike einai funky bastard - thanx again dr. D. ;)

delta_mike said...

afto to diskaki to eixa plhrwsei 10.000 drx (!!!) sto metropolis, to br 8a to katevasw, kai esy katebase oti exw anebasei tou pike, einai ola must hear.

Anonymous said...

THX for sharing