Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wes Montgomery / Jimmy Smith - Further Adventures Of Jimmy And Wes (1966)

This is the sort of thing that will place high in the results of an internet search on the phrase “roots of acid jazz.” Organist Jimmy Smith and guitarist Wes Montgomery were already titans of the jazz world before they teamed up, and "Further Adventures", their second album together, enhanced the legends of both men. For the most part, it’s a slow-burning affair full of simmering grooves, laid-back solos, and hypnotic riffs. The tone is exemplified by a mellow jazz/bossa nova version of the ‘60s pop hit “Call Me,” digging deeply into a loungey feel. Interestingly, though, bop boss Montgomery pulls the bluesy Smith into his own axis on a version of “‘Round Midnight” that finds Smith venturing into more harmonically adventurous territory than usual.

Personnel includes: Jimmy Smith (organ); Wes Montgomery (guitar); Oliver Nelson (arranger); Grady Tate (drums); Ray Barretto (percussion).


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mao tse tung said...

di-ska-ra. thanx!

delta_mike said...

yw, θα "σκάσουν" και άλλα montgomery, έχε το νου σου ;-)

zardoz1984 said...

Pure dope, loungey & soooooo cooooool… Thx Delta Mike: these two men are shining with the pleasure of playin' together.

delta_mike said...

Oh, you bet they are!

MsUnique98 said...

Thank You. It should be really interesting to hear Jimmy and Wes together!

OldHippieRick said...

I can't thank you enough for this one! It is simple outstanding work by both Jimmy & Wes. I it like just a little bit more than Dynamic Duo. I think they layed it out more in this album, both did what each needed to do and then some. Great Stuff
Rick :)