Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bobby Enriquez - The Wild Man Returns (1991) / "The Wild Man" (1981)

Bobby's first solo outing from 1981.

with Ray Brown on bass and Al Foster on drums.


Anonymous said...


Hi,im Pedro again, i saw you are i am listening your music, Hampton Hawes's music..great sounds.

i only want to say you, that you have had a great work, posting a marvellous music.

have fun and enjoy


Dindo said...

Bobby Enriquez is a jazz keyboardist par excellence that makes us Filipinos proud to be one.

He once said that when he played a piece, it was impossible for him to play it back using the same notes. It will be a different interpretation every time - that's jazz and improvisation at its best and at it's most freely soaring moments.

Thank you so much, d3lta for the share. May the tribe increase!

Jaime said...

Hi d3lta,

Great albums you've got here. I just downloaded Bobby Enriquez's "The Wild Man". I used to have a vinyl of it in the 80's. It is now hard to find nowadays. I am just wondering if you can send me the password? You can send it to me via email if you like. Thanks and more power!

All the best,