Saturday, October 18, 2008

Eddie Costa - The House Of Blue Lights (1959)

An amazingly individual and very little known vibes and piano virtuoso who was sadly robbed from jazz in a fatal car accident at the insanely young age of 32 in his last piano trio recording as a leader - a must listen. His approach to the keyboard brings to mind Lennie Tristano, no less.

Eddie Costa (p)
Wendell Marshall (b)
Paul Motian (ds)

Track Listing
1. House of Blue Lights (Gigi Gryce)
2. My Funny Valentine (Rodgers-Hart)
3. Diane (E. Rapee-L. Pollack)
4. Annabelle (Eddie Costa)
5. When I Fall in Love (Heyman-Young)
6. What’s to Ya (Eddie Costa)

Recorded in NYC, Jan. 29 & Feb. 2, 1959


Anonymous said...

gnik said...

pass: b3bop


i stand corrected...

macc said...

Go and buy it, it is magnificent.

zoot said...

Costa is wonderful working in the lower register. This is another release I've never seen before. You're a real find for anyone following mainstream and hard bop.

aroonie said...

Many thanks for this fine recording.

Great sound to show off Eddie Costa and friends.

Anonymous said...