Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hampton Hawes - Live at The Jazz Showcase in Chicago Vol.2 [1973]

This post brings our tribute to this great jazzman and human being to a close. For anyone interested to delve more in depth into this extraordinary man's life and times, I heartily recommend his autobiography Raise Up Off Me.

Hampton Hawes (p)
Cecil McBee (b)
Roy Haynes (d)

MC By Joe Segal
Blue Bird / Blue Vamp
My Funny Valentine
MC By Hampton Hawes
Walking Around The Town
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Carson Blues
Spanish Mood

Rec. Chicago, IL, June 1973


El hurón said...

I have to say thanks for this incredible sequence of Hampton Hawes discs. So many that I wasn't aware of. I can also recommened his autobiography - its a classic book and I rank it alongside Art Pepper's Straight Life.

neil said...

Impressive work... Respect!

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic post. Thank you

migwell said...

Never knew there was so much good Hampton Hawes available. Thank you very much for this treasure trove!

sasha said...

Beautiful, just beautiful..Only ever heard Vol.1 and that an old worn-out cassette..Any chance of that particular Vol. making an appearence here? Well one can be too greedy!! This is vintage, late Hampton..Not much to say other than thankyou.

d3lta said...


I've been looking for this Vol.1 for some time now, unfortunately to no avail. Does Hampton sing there too? The singing part on Vol.2 always breaks my heart.

sasha said...

Hey d3lta..Nah Vol.1 dosen't feature any more Hamp vocals..Did Vol.1 ever make it to c.d? I only ever knew of it as vinyl..It also contains a version of 'Spanish Mood' which clocks in at over 15 min..I need to go back and compare it to this one to see if its the same performance..'Spanish Mood' really was the modal workout par-excellance for Hampton during his later years.

d3lta said...

Sasha, I don't really know whether vol.1 ever made it to CD, pls make the Spsnish Mood comparison between volumes and let me know if you will. I agree with you that this piece was the culmination of Hamp's modal playing. I suggest you d/l Hawes' Spanish Steps also on this blog, you'll hear some great modal playing in there.

sasha said...

Hey d3lta, Yea 'Spanish Mood' performance on Vol.2 is the same as Vol.1..This suggests that the released c.d is a compilation of both volumes..Shame if thats the case cos the Vol.1 vinyl contained great versions of 'Stella' and 'St Thomas'..Yea 'Spanish Steps' session is fantastic..In fact this was re-released with alternates which don't seem to be included on this post..Shame cos any Hampton is to be treasured..Still whats posted here at 'all that jazz' is great!

d3lta said...

Sasha, I think you're right the "vol.2" CD looks like a compilation. Spanish Steps posted here id a rip from a Jazzmine LP, I write on the post that it never made it to CD but I was wrong, there's a CD (from Black Lion I think) containing this 1968 Paris set with extra tracks.

cvllos said...

Congratulations for your perfect work on this Hawes collection. Even scans are marvelous!