Thursday, January 29, 2009

Howard Roberts Whatever's Fair! & All-Time Great Instrumental Hits (1966)

We're still in the wild '60s when Howard Roberts was on a roll producing some very fine pop-oriented guitar jazz as was the fad these days, a fact easily witnessed by these two magnificent Capitol LPs on one CD. Forget rock 'n roll for a moment, this is expertly crafted Daiquiris-by-the-pool music by the top session men du jour.

Personnel: Howard Roberts (guitar); Henry Cain (organ); Bill Pittman (guitar); Chuck Berghofer (bass); Earl Palmer (drums); Jill Roberts (percussion); Larry Bunker (drums)

Track listing:

1.The Shadow of Your Smile
2.Sweet September
3.Pussy Cat
4.Whatever's Fair
5.This Is the Life
6.On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
7.I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her
8.Manha de Carnaval
10.A Taste of Honey
11.Bye Bye Blues
12.It Was a Very Good Year
13.Soft Winds
14.Autumn Leaves
15.Theme From a Summer Place
16.Mr. Lucky
17.Comin' Home Baby
18.Danke Schoen
19.Work Song
20.Desafinado (Slighty Out of Tune)
21.The In Crowd

both recorded in 1966


elfisto said...

classy stuff!

lcbriza said...

My dear d3lta, when I try to descompress the archive, the program is asking for a password.
Is that right?

Anonymous said...

for pw see adjacent posts

lcbriza said...

Thank you very much.

Copacetic47 said...

many many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i bought the whatevers fair record already when 18 years old and that would be in 1964. looking for it all these years and greatfull for your upload. Downloaded it but cannot open the rar due to password.
pls email me at: - Thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

@anonymous: re pass pls read thread

Chris said...

Thanks so much for this one - Howard Roberts was such a great player! This one is new to me - thanks!

Easy Jams said...

More Howard Roberts here:

balusa01 said...

Look I know your trying to be all subtle with your links, but I can't seem to find the link for the DL. The pass was hard enough to find but the link is impossible.
I really would like to hear this artist's music!

d3lta said...

@balusa, link removed by host and not in a subtle way if i may add, you got unlucky, sry ;)