Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Barney Wilen - Newport '59

This great record displays Barney Wilen in three different musical settings: Tracks 1 through 4 are from Wilen's first visit to the US in 1959 and his appearance at the renown Newport, RI, Jazz Festival , maybe the first non-US musician to appear there. He is accompanied by a stellar band consisting of Toshiko Akiyoshi, fresh out of Berklee and eager to please US audiences, Tommy Bryant on bass and legend Roy Haynes on drums. Tracks 5 and 6 are recorded in Paris in the company of Clark Terry on trumpet, Bud Powell on piano, Eric Peter on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums - these gentlemen need no introduction. And finally, Thelonious Monk's masterpiece 'Round Midnight is recorded in the company of a local German band while Wilen visited there. Savvy listeners will no doubt notice how mature and original Wilen sounds at such an early age as well as his ability to adapt to the musical situation at hand.

As this disc consists of three dates, sound is a bit sketchy at places, but as a testament to Wilen's genius this is essential listening.

Barney Wilen Quartet
Featuring: Barney Wilen (ts, ss), Toshiko Akiyoshi (p), Tommy Bryant (b), Roy Haynes (d), Clark Terry (tp), Bud Powell (p), Eric Peter (b), Kenny Clarke (d), Evald Heideprim (p), Karl Theodore Geier (b), Eberhard Stengel (d)

Track listing:

Newport Jazz Festival, July 4th, 1959
1. Introduction By Willis Conover
2. Passport (Parker)
3. 'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen)
4. Barney's Tune (Wilen)

Paris, 1959
5. No Problem (Jordan)
6. Miguel's Party (Powell)

Düsseldorff, late 50's

7. 'Round Midnight (Monk-Hanighen)



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Belated thanks for this, great album!