Friday, February 13, 2009

Wes Montgomery - Live at Jorgies (1961)

The small VGM label issued two valuable LPs back in the '80s (VGM 0001 and VGM 0008) featuring Wes Montgomery in a live setting at Jorgies Jazz Club in St. Louis, MO, on August 19, 1961. In them we could hear Wes stretching out on four pieces in a quartet setting with brothers Buddy (on piano and vibes) and Monk (bass) along with drummer Billy Hart. These versions of "All of You," Milt Jackson's "Heartstrings," "Summertime" and Wes's "Bock to Bock" range from six to fourteen minutes, are reasonably well-recorded and contain stirring improvisations. This CD reissue contains the first LP plus four additional tracks, recorded in New York in 1963 with Billy Taylor on piano, Grady Tate on drums and vocalist Joe Williams on two of them. Fans of the great guitarist rejoice!

track listing:
1. All Of You
2. Heartstrings
3. Summertime
4. Back To Bach To Bock
5. There Will Never Be Another You
6. A Beautiful Thing*
7. The More I See You
8. More Than Likely*

tracks 1-4 rec. 1961, tracks 5-8 rec. 1963
(*) Joe Williams, vcl


gnik said...

Δεν ρωτάω τι κάνεις
Αφού ανεβάζεις κάθε μέρα είσαι σε φόρμα.
Το χθεσινό μπλε background ήταν καλλίτερο
- Ξέχασες το link στον Wes

d3lta said...

whoops, κεκτημένη ταχύτης :-)

gnik said...

και το avatar σου χτυπάει διακοπές εδώ και κάτι μέρες :))

BigD said...

Excuse me, but what is the password for the 7z file I would love to be able to listen to this record. I never hear of it. Thanks

OldHippieRick said...

What a cool album:-)
but what is the password for this gem

Anonymous said...

pass: b3bop

Daver88 said...

Thanks d3lta for this gem from my all time favourite guitarist