Friday, February 20, 2009

John Abercrombie · Dan Wall · Adam Nussbaum - Tactics (1996)

John Abercrombie (b. 1944) has been an uncompromising jazz guitar innovator since day one. A restless worker who shuns stereotypes, he has helped push the envelope on modern guitar playing in his own, discreet way. Here's a live trio recording from New York's Visiones club in July 1996 in the company of Dan Wall on Hammond B-3 organ and Adam Nussbaum on drums for the German ECM label, and this is what Down Beat had to say:

"Each new album from Abercrombie provides reason to celebrate....All the songs on the album seem to have a certain coherence and connectedness. The music flows wonderfully - 4.5 Stars (out of 5) Down Beat (4/97, pp.54-55)"


John Abercrombie - g
Dan Wall - org
Adam Nussbaum - d


1. Sweet Sixteen
2. Last Waltz
3. Bo Diddy
4. You and the Night and the Music
5. Chumbida
6. Dear Rain
7. Mr. Magoo
8. Long Ago (And Far Away)

rec. live at Visiones, NYC, Jyly 13-15 1996


Anonymous said...

wow-- the audioquest cd!!! this too--thanks

Neroon001 said...

I have never been disappointed in anything that I have heard from John Abercrombie.I heard a cut from an album of Jimi Hendrix tunes the other day,I believe it was a Lonnie Smith record, it was incredible John Abercrombie was the guitar player.
If this trio was recorded for labels like BN,Verve.Muse etb you would have a good idea what it would sound like before hand,gut on the ECM label one never knows.
Makes it that much sweeter when played.Thanks again for another great share

珊珊李 said...
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