Monday, May 4, 2009

Bobby Broom - Modern Man (2001)

Guitarist Bobby Broom has been playing profesionally for more than 30 years. He's worked, with Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Dr. John, Art Blakey, Kenny Burrell, Charles Earland et al. Modern Man brings to mind the urgent, smoking energy of a young, unbridled George Benson, circa 1966's Cookbook. Indeed, fire-breathing baritone sax ace Ronnie Cuber and Hammond B-3 marvel Dr. Lonnie Smith - both key elements of that ferocious mid-60's Benson quartet - are both aboard here to ignite the fire beneath Broom's guitar in a set so diverse that it even includes pop-funk standards as Stevie Wonder's Superstition and Eric Clapton's rock anthem Layla. Great stuff.


1. Dance For Osiris
2. Ponta Grossa
3. Superstition
4. Mo'
5. I'll Never Fall in Love Again
6. Blues For Modern Man
7. Old Devil Moon
8. A Peck A Sec
9. After Words


Bobby Broom - guitar

Dr. Lonnie Smith - Hammond B-3 organ

Ronnie Cuber - baritone sax

Idris Muhammad - drums

rec 2000


seliM said...

hi d3lta
thank you very much for this marvellous post.
i always was curious about broom's solo playing after i listened to him behinde sonny rollins.

would you please tell me the password?


Anonymous said...

b3bop is the password.

Anonymous said...

Check out Bobby Broom's other leader titles available at, iTunes and here:

Melanchthon said...

Thanks for this post, a great share as usual.

OldHippieRick said...

Thanks d3lta,
Bobby,Bobby,Bobby. Really cool, as a guitarist we know and look at all the little things and Bobby just got the job and done right, and with Bobby written all over it doing it.Great Post :-)

d3lta said...

You're right Rick, Bobby is as good as they come, I've been watching him since he was playing with Sonny Rollins back in the early 80s.

jb said...

Solid. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to look so stupid but can you tell me how to unzip these files ?
Thanks a lot

George said...

This free, open source tool will decompress this type of file.

Tortera said...

I'm afraid there's more stupids then you think.
How do I decompress this files using a Mac?

Thanks a lot


charlie said...

(Mac unzipper)

Rab Hines said...

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Stanislav said...
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Pippo said...

I didn't even known this album existed, thanks zillion d3lta very nice share.

chazz said...

looks good but 7-zip leaves it in one large file (though in a folder).Can't sue it in Winamp if it's FLAC (though it seems to cue in fobar which I don't know well enough).Oh season oh castles what's life without hassles?

beytepe said...


thanx for all these great question: most links, just like in bobby broom-modern man- seem incomplete like this: "" and when I copy & paste it into address on my browser rapidshare gives the message "file not found" or "error"? any solution for this problem..?

thank you..

d3lta said...

Hi Beytere, links show all right on my screen and files are in place, just checked. Try the "post a comment option" instead of looking directly underneath the post, maybe you'll be able to see them this way.