Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wes Montgomery - Round About Midnight

Two cuts ('Round about Midnight and Missile Blues) from Wes Montgomery's meteoric entrance into the jazz world with his first LP as a leader (The Wes Montgomery Trio - A Dynamic New Sound) released in 1959 on this rare 7 inch EP from Riverside's Extended Play series. Montgomery is in the company of Melvin Rhyne on B-3 organ and Paul Parker on drums.

This 45rpm EP sounds much better than the OJC LP and CD.

Track Listing

1. 'Round About Midnight (T. Monk) 4:49
2. Missile Blues (W. Montgomery) 5:57


Wes Montgomery, guitar
Melvin Rhyne, organ
Paul Parker, drums

Rec. Oct 1959 in NYC

N.B. EPrip @ 24-bit-96khz | WAV | 145 MB | Full artwork


d3lta said...

pass: b3bop

troods said...

Excellent choice. Thank you for this Wes. It's lovely. And so are you!

Melanchthon said...

Wonderful share. Thank You !

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

What a difference in sound compared to the CD!

I give two examples:

1) For the first time when listening to Missile Blues I could hear the 'details' in the really deep bass in the walking bass lines of Rhyne. It's buried lower in the mix in the CD and the CD has not at all the same clarity. The organ is not captured very well in this recording regarding the bass, but this EP capture it the best I've heard so far.

2) Many more nuances of Montgomery's sound are captured here. I was actually quite stunned listening to Round Midnight! It was a joy from the first to the last second to hear his masterpiece version much more revealed soundwise.

This well produced EP (and well ripped by you) was surely a nice surprise for me. A little bit like hearing those two favourite songs of mine for the first time again.

/Jazz Organ Fan

d3lta said...

Glad you liked it folks.

@Jazz organ fan, you nailed it. These were my exact remarks when I heard this rip (and this is the reason I decided to post it). It is well established that well produced 45rpm EPs will always sound better than their 33rpm counterparts and the reason is simple: 45rpm grooves can hold more information, it's like high-speed vs low-speed tape recording or 16-bit vs 24-bit to make a digital analogy. Add to this a high-end turntable setup and voila, one gets drawn closer to the music for the reasons you described so well.

duck said...

A Great many thanks for all your shares, they are appreciated and enjoyed by this old Musician. I do have a question, Where is Melanchtlon? he is sorely missed.

d3lta said...

@duck, Mel is alive and well, check comments above and/or the 'Faces 'n Places' spot.