Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tete Montoliu - Boston Concert Vol.2 (1980)

Second volume of legendary solo piano recording of the blind Catalan pianist Tete Montoliu recorded on March 17, 1980, at the Alfred Morse Auditorium on the Boston University campus in Boston, Massachusetts. The late Montoliu demonstrates what separates the men from the boys as far as jazz piano is concerned.

Track listing
1. Airegin
2. Lush Life
3. Giant Steps
4. When I Fall In Love
5. A Child Is Born
6. Confirmation
7. Apartment 512
8. Oleo/Come Sunday/Oleo

Tete Montoliu, piano


sudzy said...

Thanks here also.
Tatum, Evans, Montoliu, Peterson, Garner are some of my favorites.

sudzy said...

...and Kenny Drew. How could I forget?

Scoredaddy said...

thanks very much for continuing this series

mel said...

Thank you very much for these Tete Montoliu gems.

d3lta said...

You are all welcome, @sudzy have you checked my Hampton Hawes posts out? this guy belonged to the very top with the best of 'em...

sudzy said...

HI.. I will check out the Hampton, thank you for suggesting. I have many Hampton Hawes albums myseelf... starting with his great work on the L.A. Based Contemporary label, then those great albums: The Challenge (RCA) and "The Seance"..Some time ago, some Melomaniaco posted the great 3 cd set of "The All Night Sessions" as well.
I sure appreciate your quality posts, that's for sure.

And a big hello to scoredaddy- thanks for the 'gesture', by the way.

sudzy said...

Oh, and of course, the same sentiments from sniffle

neil said...

Thank you for continuing mt Tete education!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, supreb blog overall... hope it stays long, now that others have been banned (CTI never sleeps, My Jazz World, just to name 2)