Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nikos Skalkottas - Mayday Spell, Concerto for Double Bass & Orchestra, 3 Greek Dances

Nikos Skalkottas (1904-1949) was versatile, inventive and prolific. To that effect, this CD works as a nice sampler of the composer's qualities. Two of the works (Mayday spell and the three Greek dances) are tonal, both employ Greek folk music motives, arranged in a neo-classical form and orchestrated in Skalkottas' unique manner. Christodoulou's interpretation is somewhat technical, yet still captures the magic of Skalkottas writing. The Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra is atonal and will most certainly appeal to hardened/converted fans. Expertly crafted music from an obscure genius deserving wider recognition.

Track listing

Mayday Spell - A Fairy Drama, Symphonic Suite (1944-49)
1. I. Overture 8'08
2. II. Fairy Tale 7'14
3. III. Ballet - Dance of the Faires 3'29
4. IV. Love scene 1'19
5. V. Argyro´s Song 0'59
6. VI. Little Dance Song 0'55
7. VII. Folk-song 4'29
8. VIII. Short folk dance 0'43
9. IX. Prelude 0'58
10. X. The mother´s lament 4'27

Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra (1942)
11. I. Andante - Allegro 7'32
12. II. Andantino 4'30
13. III. Allegro vivo e molto ritmato 5'21

Three Greek Dances for strings (1936)
14. Nissiotikos 4'57
15. Tsamikos 2'10
16. Mazochtos 1'54


Þóra Einarsdóttir, soprano
Vassilis Papavassiliou, double bass
Iceland Symphony Orchestra, orchestra
Nikos Christodoulou, conductor



Hello friend.Another jewel we found in your musical box,This is a surprise.Magnificent music of Scalkotas with the very MONDAY SPELL.Plus the 3 dances.This is a piece of fantastic music ,clever orchestrations of a genius.
thank you really.

d3lta said...

Hi Chris, glad you enjoyed it ;-)

Pipitsa said...

The only noise is justified is the music!

woolfnotes said...

Is there a link to this? I'm a double-bassist and always on the lookout for repertoire.

Anonymous said...
pass b3bop