Friday, December 31, 2010

Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis with the Shirley Scott Trio (1958)

A misnomer, this is not the Eddie Davis Trio featuring Shirley Scott Complete Recordings as the CD title wants us to believe. It's actually the other way around i.e. the Shirley Scott Trio, consisting of Scott on organ (who was 24 when these recordings were made), George Duvivier on bass and Arthur Edgehill on drums, serving as a solid foundation for Jaws to blow his magic. And of course this is by no means a 'complete recordings' reissue. To be precise, this CD includes 2 LPs, Roulette R 52019, SR 52019 and Roost RLP 2227 in their entirety. This is very common in jazz releases, as in so many sessions there is no 'leader' per se, and for marketing purposes record labels issued the same session under a different leader. Add to this the reissue craze of the last 25 years or so and you are stumped! These are an archivist's rantings you might say and you would be right, the music is always what counts and the music presented here is priceless. For inquiring minds a complete Shirley Scott discography can be found here.

Track list:

1. Close Your Eyes 2:31
2. Canadian Sunset 4:15
3. Just One More Chance 2:58
4. Night And Day 3:26
5. Snowfall 2:18
6. Afternoon In A Doghouse 3:21
7. A Gal In Calico 3:39
8.(Where Are You) Now That I Need You 2:36
9. This Time The Dream's On Me 3:01
10. There Is No Greater Love 2:51
11. What Is There To Say 2:28
12. Fine And Dandy 3:11
13. Day By Day 4:04
14. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 3:50
15. I Remember You 4:12
16. Land Of Dreams 4:14
17. Scotty 3:46
18. On The Street Where You Live 3:34
19. Dee Dee's Dance 3:00
20. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 2:45
21. Everything I Have Is Yours 3:47
22. Don't Worry 'Bout Me 4:07
23. Autumn In New York 3:15
24. Penthouse Serenade 2:46

Eddie Davis (ts)
Shirley Scott (org)
George Duvivier (b)
Arthur Edgehill (d)

recorded in NY March 1958 (tracks 1-12) & May 1958 (tracks 13-24)

PS Johnny-come-latelies can watch the Jaws performing his magic on video here. Happy 2011 all.


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Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis with the Shirley Scott Trio (1958)

The origin & proper title of this album may be a bit muddled, but the music is great!

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