Sunday, July 17, 2011

Glenn Miller - Tuxedo Junction + Danny Boy [HMV UK 78 BD5595 1940]

The Glenn Miller Orchestra fronted by The Man himself in Tuxedo Junction, one of the coolest tunes ever to come out of the Big Band era and a smash hit (number one for nine weeks on Billboard's Juke Box chart in 1940) and the everlasting ballad Danny Boy aka Londonderry Air. This is the Glenn Miller Orchestra at its very best. 78rpm record transfer from my personal collection.

Track List

Side A. Tuxedo Junction (Feb. 5, 1940)

Side B. Danny Boy aka Londonderry Air (Oct. 6, 1939)

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Technical info:

Dual 1019 turntable
Shure M78S cartridge
Rotel RHQ-970 Michi Phono stage
A to D: M-Audio Audiophile 192 soundcard via Audacity
Cancelling of RIAA equalization, application of 'correct' eq
Click and crackle removal with Click Repair and de-hissing with DeNoise, the aim being of staying as close to the original without subtracting from the signal.

Unprocessed raw file included for the brave to experiment, enjoy


d3lta said...

men tuxedos said...

Wearing tuxedo during the performance is a great idea! They look so handsome!

Avigdor said...

Thank's from Israel :))

Avigdor said...

Thank's from Israel :))

Avigdor said...

Thank's from Israel :))