Monday, July 18, 2011

Hampton Hawes - The Challenge (1968) LPRip 24bit-96khz

Although it does not say it anywhere on this LP (originally recorded in Japan for RCA), the "challenge" was that this was Hampton Hawes' first set of unaccompanied piano solos. Although based in bop, Hawes was always much more than a one-handed pianist, and he proves up to the challenge. The repertoire includes jazz standards, three originals, and the current pop tune "Who Can I Turn To." Throughout the date, the pianist shows that he could create stirring music without the assistance of a rhythm section. Unfortunately, this music (last put out on a Storyville LP) has yet to be reissued on CD.

Track Listing

A1 Hamp's Blues 3:50
A2 Summertime 2:25
A3 What's New 4:37
A4 It Could Happen To You 3:37
A5 My Romance 4:02
A6 Autumn Leaves 2:47
B1 Just One Of Those Things 3:32
B2 Who Can I Turn To 3:02
B3 Bag's Groove 5:11
B4 Clementine 1:58
B5 Young People's Tune 3:06
B6 Shinjuku 1:55

Recorded at Lino Hall, Tokyo, May 7, 9 12, 1968
Hampton Hawes - solo piano

New, superior-sounding 24bit-96khz rip of this super rare out-of-print LP!


d3lta said...

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate adding this Hawes
to my collection. However what the
H+++ is ? Can't one start a download without giving them all kinds of private information. They
seem creepy! Can't they be changed?
Anyway thanks for posting, Roger

Anonymous said...

Me encantaría escuchar el disco de Hawes. Imagino que debe ser una joya, digna de tu blog. Tendrás el pass?
gracias por subir esta música!

d3lta said...


no pass ;)

muttly said...

Thanks for the post but i also do not want to sign up to yet another proveder

MrBill said...

Thanks very much for the Hampton Hawes. It's always great to get to hear a rarity that never made the transition to the CD era.

I'm not sure why the other commenters were having trouble with the download. I realize there were several choices at the screen, but the ones I chose (a four-part DL) took me straight to Fileserve where I was able to DL with no problems and no sharing of personal info.

d3lta said...

@MrBill I'm sure you'll enjoy this, it's a great HH album imho. I'm a huge fan of your blog, it's a riot!

Never intended to make life difficult for our friends here but I thought that the route to the filehost was pretty straightforward. There's any number of people at any given time who can't get to grips with these things I fear.

Philo said...

Lovely music! I am enjoying the album.

Thank goodness Hawes was playing a well tuned piano. It sounds great.

Thanks for posting.

Melanchthon said...

Thank you very much !

sudzy said...

a great album. Thanks for the high bitrate post,