Thursday, September 13, 2012

Joey DeFrancesco Trio - Jazz Festival Bern 1999

Virtuosic artistry by three Italian-American jazz musicians, Joey DeFrancesco on Hammond B-3, Frank Vignola on guitar and Joe Ascione on drums captured live at the International Jazz Festival in Bern/Switzerland, 1999. Material is mostly from the Goodfellas CD these guys recorded in 1998 based on Italian tunes.
NB: this is the original vid posted back in 2007 on my now defunct channel itsartolie in 10 min chunks some of which can be found on other youtube channels albeit with inferior quality.

01. Just In Time
02. Fly Me To The Moon (starts around 5:10)
03. See What I'm Sayin' (starts around 12:00)
04. Speak Softly Love (starts around 18:10)
05. Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu/Volare (starts around 25:25)
06. All The Way (starts around 31:20)
07. Evidence (starts around 36:35)
08. Mala Femmina (starts around 42:35)
09. Watch Em' (starts around 50:40)

Joey DeFrancesco, organ
Frank Vignola, guitar
Joe Ascione, drums

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