Thursday, September 13, 2012

Les McCann & M'Jobi - Jazz Open Stuttgart 2004

Pianist - vocalist Les McCann (born September 23, 1935, Lexington, Kentucky) in performance live in Germany in 2004 accompanied by German band M'Jobi led by guitarist Jo Ambros. Primarily a piano player (self-taught and a terrific one at that, in the vein of Bud Powell), after the success of his 1969 "Swiss Movement" album recorded during the Montreux jazz festival of that year containing the huge, strongly political hit "Compared To What" criticizing the Vietnam war, he became a soul jazz pioneer, one of the first jazz musicians to introduce electric pianos and made history during the 70s with collaborator sax player Eddie Harris on subsequent albums. His singing has a rasp, gospelish quality all of its own, enjoy.

1. Cold Duck Time
2. What's Going On?
3. Little Blue Volkswagen
4. A little 3/4 for God & Co
5. Sunny
6. Ignominy
7. Someday We'll Meet Again

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